About us

We help troubleshoot and solve all your aircraft systems.

Danan Aviation Consulting is an industry leader in aircraft consulting and maintenance and specializes in helping operators achieve excellence in their operations.

Aircraft owners, operators, and equipment manufacturers rely on us to resolve aviation’s toughest most challenging issues. We train general aircraft navigation and communication systems including pitot-static leak checks, RVSM, transponders TCAS, VOR, ILS, radio altimeters, monthly nav database updating, EGPWS, as well as testing and inspections. We also train basic wiring, modifications, and avionics installations.

Our team

Meet Our Team Members

Ahmed Ali

Founder & CEO

Ahmed has more than 32 years of experience with Canadian North Airlines, formerly First Air, one of Canada’s leading airlines as Maintenance Supervisor/ Coordinator Avionics and 14 years with Somali Airlines as Aircraft Maintenance Line Avionics Engineer. He also specializes in Line Maintenance, Heavy Maintenance Visit (HMV) or C checks, Light Maintenance Visit (LMV), Major and Minor Avionics Modifications. Ahmed has studied Aircraft Maintenance/ Avionics at Lufthansa Technik School in Frankfurt, Germany, as well as Centennial College, in Toronto, Canada, and has studied multiple aircraft courses and endorsements during his time in the aviation field. Ahmed has received the following aircraft courses and endorsements: Fokker F-27, Fokker 100, Boeing707, Boeing727-100/200, Boeing737-200/300/400/500, Boeing767-200/300, Airbus A310-200/300, and much more. Ahmed holds a valid Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) License and American Federal Communication Commission (FCC) License.